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New Customers:

The class schedule below begins Monday, August 21st

Enrollment is ongoing so you may enroll at anytime!

We provide gymnastics for all ages and levels of kids from preschool parent-tot classes through nationally competitive gymnastics.  A brief description of each class is below.  More details are available on the link for that class.  We offer a FREE TRIAL for all of our entry level classes.  Classes are currently billed monthly and the tuition is show below.  Tuition is due by the first and a $10 Early Bird discount is given if tuition is paid by the 25th or on autopay.  A second child and second class discount is also availble.


Online enrollment is open!

           TODDLER TIME - Ages 18 months - 3 years


This class is for ages 18 months - 3 years.  Toddler Time introduces the kids to working in a group setting and prepares him or her to understand how to control their movements.  It is a parent participation class and is 45 minutes long.  We have adult teachers and small ratios.  This class is in a room specifically designed for this class.


KINDERGYM - Ages 3-5

Kindergym is for ages 3-5 and is co-ed.  We have a colorful room specifically designed for their size and ability.  Skills are broken down within each class so the gymnasts can progress at their own pace.  Here they develop the fundamentals for future gymnastics training as well as balance, coordination, strength and body control that would benefit them in any endeavor.  The classes are 45 minutes long with small ratios and there is easy parent viewing through windows.

Elite Kindergym (Must Complete Advanced Kindergym):

Advanced Kindergym (Must Complete Kindergym):

           INSTRUCTIONAL GYMNASTICS - Ages 6 & up


These classes are for ages 6 & up.  Boys and girls are separated and the classes are divided by gymnastics ability.  The classes train fundamental gymnastics on all 4 gymnastics events (vault, bars, beam & flloor, plus rings and pommel for boys) as well as working to develop flexibility, strength, balance and overall fitness.  The classes are progressive so your child will advance as his or her ability deems.  Any child in an instructional class can choose to join the competitive teams during certain times of the year.  Our evening classes are now 1.5 hours long to allow us to get to all events!

Shooting Stars (Must Complete Intro - Girls):

Shining Stars (Must Complete Shooting- Girls):

Girls Intro to Gymnastics:

Boys (Gymnastics, Strength, Conditioning & Agility::

Super/MEGA Stars (Must Complete Shining- Girls):

Mighty Mites (age 6)

Ages 6 & up or by invitation


Any gymnast age 6 & up (or younger by invitation) is eligible to join our league team.  These teams meet 2 times/week begining at 1.5 hours/night.  They will learn routines and compete all 4 Olympic events (vault, bars, beam & floor).  We generally have 1 competition/month from December-March and it just takes a few hours on a weekend.  We believe this is a great option for the kids because they learn much more with the additional time.  They also get the benefit of putting what they learn to work in a routine for you to see in a fun but competitive environment in the Kansas City Gymnastics League.  Enrollment is open!

Call or E-mail for information.

           USA GYMNASTICS TEAM (Junior Olympic & Xcel)
by invitation only


This is an invitation only team that goes beyond what is offered in the KC League.  We operate under the umbrella of USA Gymnastics which is the Olympic gymnastics organization for the United States.  The gymnasts compete in a State Championship and at the higher levels move on to Regional and National Championships. 

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